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At “COSMOGLOSSA” our long-term and steady collaborations with clients, both in Greece and overseas, is due to the emphasis we place on quality and linguistic accuracy in our translations, as well as the fact that we implement the ISO 9001:2000 and DIN 2345 for unified procedures in our work.
We collaborate with over one hundred Greek and foreign professional translators, with University degrees and extensive experience and knowledge in their fields of expertise. Wherever possible, before our collaboration even starts, we arrange for an interview with an occupational psychologist.
Every translation project we undertake is supervised by expert proof-readers, who check and correct the texts that they receive from a broad range of company translators, using an effective three-stage Overall Quality management procedure, thanks to which we can ensure that creative tone is maintained and that the message of the original text is rendered in the translation. First of all the text is translated by specialised translators (usually translating into their native language). The text is then checked for accuracy by a second translator, who is familiar with the features of the scientific field or the audience targeted by the text. In the final stage, an independent third party proof-reads the text for smooth flow. 
  • Reliability: We always keep to our contractually delivery dates.
  • Experience: Groups of expert translators with degrees in translation, the sciences, law and liberal arts.
  • Validity: We adapt the texts, re-examine them, and correct their syntax and spelling.
  • Immediate delivery: e-mail, fax, diskette or CD-ROM
  • Confidentiality: We maintain client confidentiality, regarding all transactions with your company and all the information you impart verbally or in writing concerning your business activities. The fact that our company executives are lawyers provides an additional layer of security and confidentiality, to re-assure even the most demanding clients. 


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